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If you've got a hump-back, just throw a little glitter on it.

Mmmmm. So.
I've been out of school for a week now.
It feels quite good.
I haven't done a TON, but enough to fend off the boredom. I went to a graduation party at Steph's house. I went to the Under 20 music festival, where I mostly walked around Annville with an EXPLOSION of people. I went to the Pride Parade/Festival in Philly with my brother. And yesterday I just randomly hung out with TaiiiwanFrozenFood and Adam.

The Pride Parade was grand. I loved it. It felt so nice to just be somewhere completely void of judgements or mockery. As someone who hasn't left the house without people snickering since I was ten, and my friends don't exactly completely support my lifestyle it was a new experience. There were a few Christian Protestors outside the gates of the festival, but you couldn't really see them through the mass of people surrounding them to shout over their bigotry. That, and there was a giant rainbow banner that read QUEERS BASH BACK. Ohh, I loved it.

That's about it in my life.

Later kids
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