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Long time no chatspeak.

My REAL computer took a shit so now I use a windows lap top that induces feelings of hostile death.

Shit happens.

School is rather bleh.  Nothing tremendously exciting.  I have the strangest teachers ever, but it makes class amusing, if not more interesting.  I have also reached a new record.  Most fantastic rumors spread about me in one half semester.  Did you know; I have cancer, I have a brain tumor, I'm pregant by three different people, I give blow jobs in the new school building when it's unsupervised for ten dollars, I'm  heroin junkie,  AND I lit someone's house on fire.  I was one busy bee according to the deep regions of imagination these people posess.
But on the other hand.
I've corrupted another poor innocent honor roll student.  Nothing serious, just weed and a new smoking addiction.  You would never have guessed it was something so insignificant form the reaction it provoked from our peers.  But in two weeks she'll be a lesbian, and they'll REALLY have something to talk about. Don't worry.  This is why parents put the kibosh on their children being near me.  I think for myself and if I cared less about ....ANYTHING... my brain would atrophy.  Re-reading those two thoughts are not at all coherent, but I think you chillunz are bright enough to pick up on the meaning.  I'm a lassiez-faire free thinker.  Something.  Oh fuck it.

Someone jacked three hundred dollars out of my bedroom.  So no one gets gifts this year for JesusChristmas.  Just hot sex.   Which you were going to get anyways, in addition to the materialistic wants this holiday feeds on, but you can still be appreciative.  Face it, you want me inside you.

That's about all.

Later lovelies.
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