A Smith & Wesson beats four aces (madefortv_movie) wrote,
A Smith & Wesson beats four aces

Black by unpopular demand.

I am alive.  It's true.  I swear.

I've just been in an internet-less vortex for two years or so.  It was pretty lame.  But now I have a connection and remembered....the internet is not so exciting. 

Not a whole lot goes on.  I moved to Lebanon with some crackheads.  It's entertaining.  I am hunting jobs, and bringing back no kills. 

I'm sure there's been relationships and whatnot since I last used this thing...but two years is a bit too much to try to recall.

I am completely clean and sober though, I kind of enjoy that fact. 

My middle neice just started kindergarden, and I'm convinced I am waaay more excited about that fact than she is.  But I truly don't care.  She has entirely matching bookbag/pencil case/school supplies.  I had a strange mother moment about that fact and now declare it the most adorable thing on this fucking planet, yeah, fuck you pandas.

I'm sick as all fuck.  It's swine flu, I know it, I'm web md-ing that shit as soon as I'm done here.

Which I think I am.

I love you all.  And will actually update from now on.
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