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Mmm, compaining!

My sister is driving me insane.  She moved in a few weeks ago with Lilly and Juliana.  Now I love those kids, but I am positively not their mother.  I'm the sister that knows that condoms were invented for a reason.  But who takes care of them the most?  Me.  I'm sick to death of constantly having to cancel on my friends, and NEVER being able to just have spontaneous things to do like I used to, all because my sister wants to go out and whore around in bars some more.  And then she comes home early in the morning, if we're lucky.  And sleeps all day.  Which leaves absolutely no time for me to sleep, or else her children would kill themselves.  No matter what she will not wake up.  I smack her, I scream at her, I pull her off the couch.  NOTHING.  Why?  Because she's addicted to hydrocodone.  And she takes more of it than she needs therefore she sleeps forever.  I can't really touch the drug addict issue, having been there.  But I'm a teenager, and no matter how messed up I was, I NEVER endangered someone elses life.  I didn't have children.  She fails to realize that they depend on her for almost everything.  Although not anymore.  Lilly has stopped calling me Samm and now addresses me as Mommy.  I always correct her, but still, how messed up is that?  Then my sister just helps herself to everything in my bedroom.  Anything that's expensive, or has a name brand on it, she steals.  She doesn't ask me for any of it, but I'll be missing it and she'll just randomly have it.  She's systematically stealing all of my band T-Shirts and hoodies.  And the shoes that were gifts from my brother are ruined, all the make up he paid for is stolen.  Oh, and my Chanel purse...that he paid for.  I think I'm just going to go through all of her belongings and whatever is mine, or if I just like it I'm going to take it. 

Then there's my father the druggie.  I've written numerous times about his asshole-ish-ness.  But now he's inflicting it in the kids.  He's always been the immature type.  If something frustrates him, he throws it, he yells incessantly, he hits, blahblahblah.  Well Lilly was hungry, Sara was asleep, so she was asking him to make her food, he got annoyed, threw a steak knife on the floor and stormed upstairs to his bedroom and slammed the door.  A FUCKING STEAK KNIFE ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR FIVE FEET FROM LILLY.  Yeah, becuase she would NEVER pick up a shiny fucking object!  What toddler does THAT?  Then he yells at her all the time for doing normal toddler things.  I swear to christ if I ever see him treating her like he treated Stephan, Sara, and I, I will kill him.  It really wouldn't bother me.

Then my mother the control freak.  GOD FORBID ANYTHING IN THIS HOUSE BE ORGANIZED.  Christ almighty if it's easy to find something she will throw a fit.  Everything in HER house that SHE  does NOT pay for has to be exactly the way she wants it.  Which is messy, and disorganized, and disgusting as FUCK.  And she keeps it that way just for spite, just so she can prove that she's in charge.  I mean, if she did anything around the house I wouldn't care.  But she doesn't clean, she doesn't take care of the kids, she doesn't cook, she doesn't buy groceries.  What does she do?  Washes the dishes.  That is it, end of story, period.  And she complains about THAT.  "I can't believe I have to do this.  Why can't anyone take care of themselves?"  Take care of ourselves?  This is the woman that deemed five years old, the proper age to start being left home alone.  I've been treated as a tenant of this household as opposed to a child since I was ten.  But I don't really mind.  I'm fine with that.  It's just that she pulls out the "I'm the mother card" all the time when she was a mother solely in a biological sense.

And on top of all of this my family is broke as fuckkkkkkk. 

Well that's out of my system now.

I'm sick of being an adult.  I don't wanna!  I'm only sixteen.  They can't make me grow up.  I refuse.
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