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Sick and muddy, everybody!


Damn LJ, why do I neglect you so?

Not a whole lot has happened.  I dropped out of school, I'm going to do homeschooling.  I'm actually quite concerned because my mother has to do everything and she's irresponsible beyond belief.  It doesn't directly affect her so the chances of her doing everything without my constantly annoying her is slim to none.  It's actually starting to make me really nervous, it's been three months since I've attended school and nothing has happened in the area of homeschooling.  I would very much like to not have to take an entire semester over again just because my mother is lazy.  Because she didn't have me officially removed from school, so three months worth of F's are accumulating that I will have to deal with.  So I may end up taking the whole year over.  That thought makes me want to kill something.

So my days are spent around the house, accomplishing nothing.  Then I go to the Hearth on Saturday with everyone who shows up.  It's an exciting life, indeed.

My family is a good two weeks away from killing eachother.  My father stopped working, and is too proud to get disability, so we're relying on my mother's income....from Wal Mart.  In addition to not giving a fuck about the fact that his pride is uselss when it comes to feeding and paying bills for his family, he's incredibly angry at everyone...all the time.  I generally get the worst of it because I'm the big dumbass that doesn't avoid him like the plague.  My mother and sister have caught on.  And to make everything even better, my nineteen month old neice, Juliana, is in the hospital with pnuemonia.  Of course my sister hasn't changed.  She's lying around the house, completely ignoring her children when they're here, going out, fucking anything that will buy her a beer.  It must be a nice life.  I'd love to be twenty-three with absolutely no prospects for my future, yet be able to fuck over anyone that tries to help me,steal form friends and family,  and remain a selfish bitch without concern for anyone.  It's a real talent, I must say.  The lack of conscience is astounding.  I really would like to kick her until she died, most of the time.  When she's not speaking I don't wish death.

That's about all I have for bitching.  I'm going to see Scissor Sisters with my brother in March.  Should be interesting. 

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