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Holy shit another update. You should read it, you've nothing better to do.

So yesterday was a big pile of shit on a platter.
Rosetta called the police so Sara couldn't have her kids.  Rosetta came here and I had to threaten police action to get her to leave.  Okay, so threatening her was actually fun.  A lot of fun.  Crazy bitch.   My sister stole my cigarettes.  Which is a much bigger deal when you first wake up and you're dying for one, and realize an entire pack has been taken by your whore of a sister.  One of the heaters melted itself.  I don't know how it happened.  But it's a circular one, and the base is plastic, and there's a big dip by the metal part that emits the heat.  Oh yeah I guess I didn't mention our house is void of heat.  We're too broke to pay for oil, so we survive on those propane heaters, and little electric ones.  It doesn't work considering our house is large and incredibly drafty. Someone is suing my father for fucking up their roof.  As soon as I heard that I called bullshit from the dig, my father has never messed up a roof.  AND the bullshit story the guy told my father about the ceiling collapsing on his wife, he told to Chris [my father's employee] BEFORE they did the roof.  Nine god-damn months ago.  People will do anything to get money, it's disgusting and pathetic. Also, when he called my father to complain, and my father showed up the guy was up on his roof messing with it.  Haha, you asshat, once you touched that roof my father is no longer responsible because you can't prove it wasn't your messing with it that ruined it.  But the one redeeming part of that suckfest was that my father's Gibson SG that we put on ebay went for over 1400 bucks.  Kick-ass amirite? 

But on the brighter side.  I went to see Scissor Sisters last friday at the Electric Factory in Philly.  So much fun.  I love every concert I go to, but they're mostly dominated by teens, and teenagers, as we all know, are generally dickheads.  This crowd was mostly twenty and up and pretty much void of douchebaggery.  It was just a lot of fun to DANCE at a concert, not elbow people in the stomach to try and maintain a decent vantage point of the stage.  The only bad part about it was their opening act, wigs on sticks.  Exactly what it sounds like.  Three wigs, on three sticks.  And they played recordings of all these fifties girl groups singing.  Cute for the first two songs maybe, but they did an entire half hour set.  Blow my brains out, please.  But the DJ they had before that was good.  Scissor Sister's themselves kicked ass.  It's such a high-energy show, I loved it.   After the show my brother got us a hotel room at the Courtyard Marriot.  I stayed there while he went out to drink with some guy he met at the show.  My brother bitched, but I thought it was a nice hotel.  Of course I've only ever stayed in super-shitty hotels so my judgement is impaired.  While sitting outside to smoke a cigarette this guy sits down next to me.  We begin to talk, he complains about the vallet, and having to come outside to smoke etc.  Then he starts trying to get me to leave with him, then to invite him up to my room, then to give him my number, then when he finally leaves he tells me his room number and says to check him out later.  Bear in mind he was aware that I was seventeen, ten years younger than him, and he would not let up.  It was amusing though, so whatevs.  After that a homeless man "bought" a cigarette from me for a bunch of pennies and a nickel.  I didn't even know what was going on, I thought he asked to bum one, then he shoves all this change in my hand. 

It's six a.m.  I should have gone to bed a few hours ago.  I truly am tired.  But every time I lay down my brain goes "Hai I'm going to process thirty four thoughts a minute making it impossible for you to rest.  Suck on that motherfucker."
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