A Smith & Wesson beats four aces (madefortv_movie) wrote,
A Smith & Wesson beats four aces


Oh LJ, I'm sorry. I treat you terribly. So much neglect.

So what's up kids?

Not much on this front. Still living in Lebanon, still jobless. Still bored. The only thing I can really say is thank god for my friends. Despite my bitching, I've come to appreciate living here much more in recent months. After visiting my parents house, I've realized how awful that place really is to live in. It's basically a brick death trap. I feel awful, I wish there was anything I could do to get them out of there. But as it stands I can't get myself a part time job flipping burgers. Eff.

I guess that's enough for complaining. It's boring. On the non-whiny side I've trained myself to enjoy the housewife shenanigans that are now my daily life. I've also begun to go out with the gang of gays more often. It's nice to have a group of completely gay friends. I can talk about women without getting the "ew" face from my straight female friends, or the "oooooh" face from my straight male friends. They're also much more obnoxious and hilarious.

I guess that's all for now. Five in the morning? No sleep? Laundry time!
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